Getting Started

Fencing is an ancient art and also a modern sport but you don't have to be an Olympian to enjoy fencing. Our clubs will cater to all ages and levels - from nervous beginners and ‘social' fencers to would-be world champions. And you never know you may have the opportunity to meet one of New Zealand’s own Olympic fencers in your club or at a competition.

First Steps:

Check out your local club or if there is not a club near, contact your Regional Sports Trust and ask them to help you find similar interested people in your community with a view to forming a club.

What Will be Needed?

Essential Thing To Take: Most of all, get along and take your imagination along and let it run wild.

Clubs may provide for hire / rent / loan equipment that beginners may use.

Normal Equipment to Expect to be Used:

  • Weapon (normally foil, but epee, or sabre may be offered).
  • Mask
  • Jacket
  • Protective under “plastron”
  • Glove

Clubs may operate a second hand market place, or equipment and material can be purchased new.

Note: For hygene reasons it is preferable to obtain your own glove – either a bought fencing glove or initially a light weight glove (gardening, cotton, or wool) to provide protection.

What To Wear:
Footware – indoor sports shoes.
Tracksuit and Tee Shirt are the recommended sport clothing to wear to fencing


Equipment that is Used at Clubs and Competitions:

The amount of specialised equipment required for a competition varies, depending on the level of the competition. There are essentially three categories of competition:
- Non-Electric Equipment – visual (most often used for novices and school/youth Competitions)
- Electric Equipment (Schools Competitions and other regional Competitions)
- FIE Electric Equipment (FeNZ and NZ Cup events)

If you are interested in taking up fencing, contact your local club.

If you want to find a coach click here.

If you prefer you could contact any of the following people to obtain more information about fencing and the clubs in your area :

            Katie Logan, Secretary – Fencing North :
            Brett Holand, Sectretary – Fencing Central :
            Ross Younger, Secretary – Fencing Mid South :
            Stephen Sowerby, Secretary- Fencing South :