The FIE have recently authorised a mask design for New Zealand.


New Zealand fencers will now be able to wear this mask on the piste at competitions around the world.

Thanks to Hamish Bulmer for his assistance in presenting this new design. Image below.


The Mask Design was sent to all Fencing NZ affiliated members in February 2020, approved at the AGM in March 2020 and approved by the FIE in August 2021.
The FIE rules and regulations around team uniform (m.25) state that the national uniform includes the socks, the breeches and the jacket. m.25( g) further states "For the following events, the wearing of national strips (logos) is compulsory on both legs, optional on the arm(s) (cf. t.45.4)." It then goes on to talk about World Champs etc.
Annex A deals with coloured masks - Masks may feature coloured designs on condition that they are approved by the FIE
Executive Committee. They are then published on the FIE website and may thereafter be used in official FIE competitions.
These regulations are freely available on the FIE website.


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