All fencers, Coaches, Referees and other officials should make themselves aware of the changes.


Please be aware of the following changes to the FIE Rules, all of which are applicable in NZ competitions except where specifically stated otherwise on the Fencing New Zealand Website ( .  Clarification / replacement of genders specific terms have occurred when inappropriate across all FIE Rule books.  A Protocol Rule book has been published.

The updated FIE rules can be found at 

Updated lists of allowable Epee and Foil weapons:

Updated list of allowable Sabre Gloves:

Technical Rule Changes – Summary only, please refer to the Technical Rule book for details and other updates.

Falling during a bout. (t.56 & t.121)

Any hits made during or after an unintentional fall during a bout must be annulled. (t.56.10)
An intentional fall to avoid being hit will annul any hit scored by the fencer at fault. (t.121)

 Non-combativity / Unwillingness to fight.   (t.124)

Where non-combativity occurs during a bout BOTH fencers are simultaneously penalised.

The card progression is Yellow card for the first offence
                                           Red card for the second offence
                                           Black card for the third offence.  
Note: During a Team match if a BLACK is issued the match is completed at that score.  The use of a reserve fencer has been removed.

The Penalty Sheets have been replaced

Heather Claydon
Head - Officiating Commission
Fencing New Zealand
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