Dear Fencing Community,

The Fencing Central Committee would like to share their excitement and support for the upcoming North Island Championship and Oceanic Veteran Championships to be held in Feilding.

Thanks to the support and commitment of our fencers, this competition is the largest North Islands field in over a decade and the 3rd largest fencing event in New Zealand since 2018. This is a reflection of the growth and depth of our sport in the past few years, especially as Fencing New Zealand prepares to host the Commonwealth Junior and Cadet Championships.

Not only that, this competition represents a vital move in recognising and supporting the development of fencing outside of our main cities, along with the growing participation of regional clubs and fencers in this sport. While it is the first time (on record) that North Islands has been held in Feilding, it is a callback to when North Island Champs was held in Palmerston North and reflects the blending of past tradition and emerging adaptation that strengthens our sport.

As background to why North Islands is being held in Feilding, it was because the Feilding Fencing Club, FAHS and the fencing community there offered to host North Islands for no cost at a time when there were no affordable options for appropriate venue hire in the greater Wellington area. Because of this, North Islands is able to run not only with massively reduced costs, but is able to run at all.

Not only that, but FAHS offers superior facilities for on and off piste experience for our fencers and creates an environment for social engagement off the piste that that is so important for a healthy sporting community. It is my hope that some of our fencers take this chance to better get to know their fellow fencers and broaden their understanding of what makes our sport succeed.

We understand the enormous time, effort, and personal sacrifice that has gone into organizing this event, and for that we are extremely grateful to the Feilding Fencing community. We would also like to acknowledge the broader Central community for making it easy for people traveling to and from Feilding.

We also understand that this competition represents a change in the usual routine of national competitions and that this may have caused doubt or concern from some fencers. To that, we encourage them to remember that change is inevitable, that growing the sport takes the courage to change from a wide range of people, including themselves.

We look forward to a fantastic North Island Championship Fencing Competition in Feilding and appreciate the hard work and dedication of all those involved in making it happen.



Nicole Martin / Will Bishop                                                                       David Elder        

Outgoing/Incoming Fencing Central President                                    Fencing New Zealand President


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