Athletes Commission members – applications


The Fencing New Zealand Athletes Commission is looking for new members.


The Athletes Commission represents New Zealand fencers. Its mission statement is:

The mission of the Athletes’ Commission is to represent New Zealand fencers of all ages and abilities, to promote safe engagement at all levels, and to provide a link between athletes and Fencing New Zealand.

We are committed to meeting our mission and expectations in a way that reflects the Fencing New Zealand values of:




Current members are Anna Chalton (chair) and Sheldon Ogilvie.

If you are a current fencer who is interested in joining the Athletes Commission, please apply! You must be available for online meetings (Skype, Whatsapp or similar) on the last weekend of each month, and reliably reachable by email.

Please send an application with some information about yourself, outlining why you are interested in joining, and including your email address and phone number, to

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