As you'll be aware from last month's President's Corner newsletter, the Commonwealth Junior & Cadet is due to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand with a likely date in July.


As the NZ bid has come as a bit of a rescue plan due to India pulling out as the original host, there are a number of items that are still being worked on.

So we ask for your patience until the information is ready to publish in full.

What is clear is that the current published selection policy 2020 is in play.

The current selection policy can be found on the FeNZ website under Resources, Our documents, Policies.

A direct link is here

Fencers should note that the Commonwealth Junior & Cadet selection does consider results from the NZ National championships which is being held shortly in October.

It is not a mandatory event, but it is listed in selection Tiers 1-3 as one of the results that is of interest to selectors.



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