Fencing NZ and the Regions are run by a group of volunteers that work hard in the background to ensure fencing operates at all levels and fencers are able to compete both in NZ and internationally. 


 A key part of this are four Commissions –

  • Coaching, responsible for coach developing programmes, a coach registration and selecting coaches for teams fencing abroad
  • Selectors, responsible for drafting and maintaining the NZ selection criteria, the ranking system and making selections for NZ teams
  • Athletes' who provide feedback and monitor wellbeing of fencers
  • Officiating Commission, responsible for the implementation of new and modified rules of fencing, referees and DT development, and the guidelines for running tournaments

Fencing NZ is looking for 2 people to fill vacancies on the Officiating Commission team. Applicants should have experience in either refereeing and/or competition organisation, have a good understanding of the rules of fencing, and have the ability to work in unison with the regions to help them deliver our national tournaments.

Fencing NZ is also looking to appoint a new Health & Safety Officer, which is an important role in ensuring the safeguarding of all Fencing NZ members and stakeholders.  The position includes the maintenance of the national incident register and monitoring rule changes and other areas that affect the health and safety of participants at fencing clubs and events.

We would really appreciate the fencing community joining in and assisting us in these important areas. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information. Expressions of interest to join the team should be sent by Sunday 21 June.

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