At the request of a number of participants it has been agreed that the Oceania Men’s and Women’s Sabre teams will be transferred to the Saturday afternoon, after completion of the individual events.

As a result, we have also agreed that the Oceania Men’s Épée Team event and the Oceania Women’s Foil Teams event will now take place on the Sunday, after completion of the individual events.  This will also facilitate travel arrangements for a number of fencers. 

Please also note the change to start time for the Men’s Épée on the Sunday.

Saturday 22nd October

Men’s Foil          Registration opens at 7:45, Fencing starts at 8:30am
Women’s Épée
Men’s Sabre
Women’s Sabre
Oceania Men’s Foil Teams
Oceania Women’s Épée Teams
Oceania Men’s Sabre Teams
Oceania Women’s Sabre Teams

Sunday 23rd October

Men’s Épée        Registration opens at 9am, Fencing starts at 10am
Women’s Foil
Veteran Women’s & Men’s Sabre
Oceania Men’s Épée Teams
Oceania Women’s Foil Teams

Monday 24th October

Veteran Men’s & Women’s Épée
Veteran Men’s & Women’s Foil


Heather Claydon 

Officiating Committee

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