With the constant changes around Covid19 Alert Levels, there has been a great deal of uncertainty affecting all our fencers, their families, officials and coaches. As you’re aware, this has made it difficult to plan our major National Events, with all of them to date being cancelled or postponed. Many people will understandably now be reluctant to travel.


Fencing NZ is determined to keep as much fencing activity going as possible within the Government’s guidelines and respective alert levels and has therefore resolved to focus on Regional based events for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.

By making this decision now we anticipate this will allow the regions to organise competitive and enjoyable tournaments and development opportunities that cater for fencers at all levels.

The Board has therefore taken the decision to cancel and replace the NZ National Championships due to be held on Labour Weekend with separate regional open events on the same weekend. Watch out for more details on these to come.

Regretfully the Board also agreed to cancel of the 2020 NZ Secondary School Championships and the National U20 Championships for 2020. 

The Board has formed a subcommittee which will focus on how best to support fencers, coaches, and their regions during these uncertain times.  It will focus on the calendar of events for 2021 as well as opportunities for athlete, coach, and official development.  We have also committed to reviewing other areas, including affiliation fees and the impact on national ranking points.

Despite the very uncertain times, we hope that fencers across the country will take this opportunity to enjoy their chosen sport of fencing at their clubs, competing in local events and perfecting their skills in preparation for a return future competitions, national and international.

It just leaves me to ask that you continue to support the fencing activities at your respective clubs and regions. Please stay safe and well.

Mark Rance – President Fencing NZ on behalf of the Fencing NZ Board

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