Hello and welcome to the new Fencing New Zealand web site.

I am sure you have all grown to love the old site, one which has served us well for longer than I can remember, but change was long overdue. 


It has come through loud and clear that communication is something Fencing New Zealand needs to improve and as a result it is one of the four focus areas in our recently published Strategic Priorities.  The new and improved web site is one of the key activities within this important area.

The new site is the place to go if you want to find the latest news and announcements and we will be progressively adding more content and resources aimed at assisting fencers, coaches, officials and clubs on their fencing journeys.

Work will be starting soon on improving and integrating the ranking and membership systems with the new web site.

Of course, these things do not magically appear, and I would like to thank and acknowledge Richard Johnstone, Steve Martin and our web developer Jo Kinley of Hullaballoo for work put into achieving this great new web site.

Mark Rance