Notice is hereby given that Fencing New Zealand Incorporated will hold a Special General Meeting on Sunday 13th October 2019 at 7pm by Skype to vote on the following resolution: 


That the Constitution of Fencing New Zealand Incorporated be amended as follows


Rule 2.17 

The existing wording be deleted and replaced with : 

2.17 Be the National Sporting Organisation for the sport of fencing in New Zealand and point of contact for FIE, Commonwealth Fencing Federation and Oceania Fencing Confederation and other international fencing organisations and contact point for fencing with Sport New Zealand, High Performance Sport NZ, Women in Sport Aotearoa, Drug Free Sport NZ, New Zealand Olympic Committee and the New Zealand Sports Tribunal. 

Rule 46 

That the existing wording be deleted and replaced with : 

46 Fencing NZ recognises the Sports Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand as the appropriate forum to resolve sports-related disputes including, without limitation, anti-doping rule violations, appeals against selection or non-selection to a national team selected by Fencing NZ, conduct and discipline matters, or other fencing-related disputes. 

Rule 49

That the existing wording be deleted and replaced with : 

49 Fencing NZ adopts the Sports Anti-doping Rules made by Drugfree Sport New Zealand, as updated or amended from time-to-time. 

49.1 The Sports Anti-doping Rules will apply to all persons involved in the sport of fencing in New Zealand including athletes, coaches, trainers, referees, officials, support personnel and medical professionals. 

Members may join the meeting by Skype through venues to be notified by their Region, or directly. Please email your regional secretary for further information or Members who are 18 years old and above are eligible to vote.

The Constitution of Fencing NZ can be found on 


Amanda Hopkins

Secretary General