The FeNZ Covid-19 sub committee has reviewed the current situation and elevated Covid-19 alert level status in the Wellington region.

Based on the information available at this point, and following the advice from the FeNZ medical officer, the recommendation is to continue as planned with the President’s Cup this weekend.

The COVID19 Committee advises that unless the whole country is in Level 1, the President's Cup will be postponed. Wellington is currently under a 72 hour Level 2 restriction. The Committee will continue to monitor developments and will make a decision on the President's Cup on Monday or Tuesday.

Following extensive feedback from the fencing community, it is apparent that the timing of the new mask rule, in time for the Presidents Cup, did not give sufficient time for fencers to meet the new rule requirements.

Due to the ongoing issues and risks around international travel, Fencing New Zealand will not be sanctioning nor appointing a managed team to travel to Sydney to attend this tournament. This means that there will be no Fencing NZ nominated fencers, appointed coaches nor managers attending the event.

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